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Nov 20, 2009 8:30pm EST
policy in asia. >> the united states does not seek to contain china. on the contrary. the rise of a strong and a prosperous china can be a source of strength for the community of nations. gwen: and in afghanistan -- >> there is now a clear window of opportunity for president karzai and his government to make a new compact with the people of afghanistan. gwen: while on the home front, sarah palin turns best selling author. >> alaska and michigan have so much in common, with the hockey moms and the fishing. gwen: but what else does she have in mind? covering the week, karen tumulty of "time" magazine, david sanger of "the new york times," doyle mcmanus of "the los angeles times," and john dickerson of "slate" magazine and cbs news. >> celebrating 40 years of journalistic excellence, live from our nation's capital, this is "washington week" with gwen ifill, produced in association with "national journal." corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by -- >> the john hopkins global m.b.a., integrating global expertise with international understanding to develop leaders for a bet
Nov 21, 2009 6:30pm EST
, it doesn't. >> the president says th united states is there forour interests, not f the afghans' interests. >> well,ne of the criticisms that wve heard from th reblicans, people lie john mccain, vice president ceney, isthat this is taing too long and the wrd "dihering" has been used. s there really been any consequence forhe amount of timethis process is taking? >> inhe long run, kar, if the preside announces a desion, as we expect t week after thankiving and seds sutantially more tops, as we expe, the best guess ithe pentagon are somewhe between 25,000 and 30,0 more troops and if he gets oer nato members to senmore troops, as the british have saidhey will do, in the long run this delay won't amount to aill of beans. but it's caused lot of trouble in the interim. it s caused leaks on both sides. it's caused all knds of collisions and ill feeng withinhe administration. it caused more disarray than we'vseen in the obama team sinche announced his caaign for the pesidency. it's left gordon bron, the british prime minisr, out ere hanging out on a imb. so it hast been pretty picture.
Nov 14, 2009 12:30am EST
that congress says you can't bring into the united states, even though courts here have said, if you can't find anyplace else for these people you can't just hold them. you ought to bring them here. the congress has said no you don't. the problem of finding other countries willing to take them because the united states will not send them back to their home country if it fears they will be tortured. that's the hard part about closing down gitmo. gwen: let me ask you and peter about the resignation today of the white house counsel gregory craig. many reports said it had to do with his management of guantanamo. what did the attorney general say? >> the attorney general said he was surprised by it. they're friends, he says he likes him and thought he was very able, noted that although he was an early supporter of the clintons and had worked hard for president clinton, he was then an early supporter of president obama. sort of stuck his neck out. gwen: he thinks it had nothing to do with guantanamo. >> that's right. sgl what does the white house say? -- gwen: what does the white house say
Nov 27, 2009 8:00pm EST
qaeda, howyou fight th inrgents there and vry portantly ome plausible scenario f how the unite states ends thist some point and gets t because he's got a liberal base that is very woied about that. peteis there soe worry tt this i i, that if this increase doesn do it, n more? >> i think forsome liberals there woul't even be this increase. t yes there's going o have o be some tpe of god effct and it's going tobe very hard for him to gbeyond this. there are thousands onato troops tere as well so this ll be a fairly lrge bildup t again the presint, he's going have to talk abt how this is oing to be effective in dismantng al qaeda ad fighting the isurgents atthe same time havi aplausible scenario for how it ends esident pete: wesaw this week apretty good xample of hw tough sell itill be the the esident laid outwhy he thiks it's important tostay in afghistan to go after errorists in thetribal aras but soe saidle onl way to prove it is if there are taxes rsed to pa pour it. >> to mke sure al qaeda an its extremit alliescannot operate effecvely in those areas. we're oing to ismantm and degre thei
Nov 20, 2009 8:00pm EST
it insort of subtle ways. yousee it as tey talk about the united states showing ome spending restraint. they' interested i the health ca bill, maybe not for the same reason weare. you see it as they watch what the president says and sort of ex their muscles on how well they snd the president's meage out. it was fascinating. you w this wonderful discussion that the presidt d with chinese student cept for the fact tht most inese didn't see it becase china refused to broadcastit and thewhite house did not insist tt they do it s a pre-condition. andany of the questions were sort of softalls along the way. but you also s it on the issu that thepresident didn't raise. he ddn't raise taiwan an tibet, he didn't say uch about huma righ. it was a6,500-wordcommunique about how much we ork together, but the preside did nothing to bring out the differens. >> onof the reasons the president and e white house say they want to hav this new relatiship and not talk abou these contentis issues is because where it reay matters, ey'll have the chinese cooperation one those issues is iran did it pa
Nov 13, 2009 8:00pm EST
can'tbring into the united state even though courts ere have said, ifou can't find anyplace else for these pele you can't just hold them. you ought to bring em here. the congress as said no you don't. the problem finding other countries willinto take them becau the united states will not send them back to thir me country if it fers they will be tortur. that's the hard partabout closing wn gitmo. gw: let me ask you and ter about e resignation today of the white house ounsel grgory craig. many reportssaid it had todo th his managent of guantamo. what did theattorney general say? >> the aorney general said he was sprised by it. they'refriends, he sa he lis him and thought he was veryable, noted that lthough he was an early supporteof theclintons and had wrked hardor president clinton, he s then an early supprter of president ama. sort of stk his neck out. gwen: he thinks it h nothing to do with guantamo. >> th's right. sgl what doethe white house y? gwenwhat does the white hous say? >> gg craig said he always planned to lave after a year an he acknowledged tht there a real tension insid
Nov 14, 2009 6:30pm EST
whereto put them. they've t people that cgress says you can't ing into the united states,even though courts hre have aid, if y can't find anplace else for these peop you can't just hold them. u ought to bring th here. the congress hs said no you don't. the problem ofinding other countries willing o take them becausehe united states will t send them back to ther ho country if itfears they will be torured. that's the hard pt about closg down gitmo. gwen let me as you and per about thresignation today of the white house cunsel greory craig. many reports aid it had to o wi his manageme of guantana. what did the torney general say? >> the attney general said he was surised by it. they're iends, he says he likes him and thought he was very le, noted that although he was an early supporter f the lintons and had woked hard f president clinton, he wa then an early suppoer of president oba. sort of stuc his neck out. gwen: he tinks it had nothing to do with guantano. >> that right. sgl what does e white house sa -- gwen: at does the white house say? >> grecraig said he always planned to lee af
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)